1984 Cam – Android app

The Android app “1984 Cam” brings your modern videos back to the 80s.

Recording problems, distorted sound, and black and white videos are actually a thing of the past. But if you long back or want to give your recordings an older look, the “1984 Cam” app comes in handy.

1984 Cam: App brings 80s look back

With “1984 Cam” you can easily record videos with a retro look. The application gives you complete control over the individual effects. You can, therefore, determine exactly which faults are to be simulated, add texts such as the date and time, and switch between different recording modes. The selection for this ranges from classic black and white to monochrome colors, to a night vision mode.

In addition, you can also import existing videos on your smartphone and edit them with these filters and effects. The import button required for this can be found in the settings. You can also take photos and selfie in this style.